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QUILTED PHOTOGRAPHS: The quilted works are my original photographs in which I have replaced areas within the photograph with scanned material, thus making a photographic quilt. These quilted photographs appear to have the texture of material as well as some of the detail of the original photograph.PAINTED IMAGES encompass two techniques both beginning as an original photograph.

PAINTED PHOTOGRAPHS are images taken using a camera; opened in Photoshop;
printed and hand painted; then painted image is scanned and merged with the
original photograph using a variety of techniques, yielding an image that possesses
some of both art forms.

POLA-PRINTS start as SX-70 polaroid prints which are manipulated
to give the painted feel, and then scanned to enlarge and preserve the image.

POLAROID TRANSFERS start as a different kind of polaroid print and the image is llifted off of the picture and the colored film is placed on paper.

quilted boats

quilted sailboat

quilted barn

bird of paradise

painted orchid

painted tuplips

bronze man

pola arb

pola boat

pola geraniums

pola keith

pola niagra falls

pola wheel

oak leaves transfer

leaf transfer

Photographs are available for purchase, in various sizes, matted, and framed if desired.
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Rosie Lemons