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Area of Interest Statement

Life inspires me. A sunbeam streaming through the clouds; a lily pad floating in the water; a child gleefully crawling after a big blue ball; a mushroom waiting for the fairies to come and dance; the texture of old wood or rusty locks; a solitary tree etched against a snow covered hillside; dew drops on leaves or spider webs; a young soccer player making his first goal. I find myself captivated by the many sights I encounter as I go though the motions of daily life
so I rarely leave home without a camera.

Throughout my life, I have always explored various ways to express myself artistically. I have drawn with pencil and charcoal, painted with oils and watercolors, embroidered, needle pointed, worked with macramé, quilted and most recently explored photography. For several years, I avidly worked in the dark room with black & white photographs and loved watching the images develop in my hands. Then I discovered Photoshop and learned how to take images beyond what you see. Now I consider myself a photo-artist, painting with pictures.

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Rosie Lemons