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Area of Interest Statement

Life inspires me. A sunbeam streaming through the clouds; a lily pad floating in the water; a child gleefully crawling after a big blue ball; a mushroom waiting for the fairies to come and dance; the texture of old wood or rusty locks; a solitary tree etched against a snow covered hillside; dew drops on leaves or spider webs; a young soccer player making his first goal. I find myself captivated by the many sights I encounter as I go though the motions of daily life
so I rarely leave home without a camera.

Throughout my life, I have always explored various ways to express myself artistically. I have drawn with pencil and charcoal, painted with oils, embroidered, needle pointed, worked with macramé, quilted and most recently explored photography. For several years, I avidly worked in the dark room with black & white photographs and loved watching the images develop in my hands. Then I discovered Photoshop and learned how to take images beyond what you see. Now I consider myself a photo-artist, painting with pictures. Wanting to express this further, I would like to combine my love of images with web design. To that end, often my web designs are more image driven with a careful thought to usability and speed.

When designing web sites, I like to glean from the client what their vision for the site may be. In listening to them speak of their hopes, I often get images of how to portray those ideas visually targeting the audiences they hope to reach. Then using whatever color themes and logos they may already possess, I start putting together various images and colors working and re-working until a pleasing finished product is achieved. The hard part often is separating myself with the first vision to try and produce different looks and styles in order to give the client a choice. I work best under pressure and often do my best work late at night when all is quiet.

Through my various experiences, I've learned how to let go of my personal vision in order to more fully give the client what they desire. Working as an artist on my own designs has made it harder for me to accept letting others change my work to suit their needs. I believe that as my training at WCC progressed, I learned more about usability and how to integrate that knowledge with design. It is not enough to simply have a good-looking site if the end user does not know how to navigate it when it's finished. I've also learned how to gently educate clients about how web sites work and how one assesses how best to impart what the client hopes to offer their end users. Balancing several egos is delicate work and it helps to know how to do this tactfully.

Rosie Lemons

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